20.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Global Recording Artist and UNESCO Artist for Peace Ambassador Sarah Brightman, encourages students to pursue their dreams during a visit to Chile

Photo: UNESCO/Carolina Jerez

Brightman’s recent visit to the Liceo Experimental Artístico (Experimental Arts School), was the result of joint coordination between UNESCO and the Chilean Council of Culture and the Arts, included an inspiring message to the school community.

Encouraging students to pursue their dreams with all of their hearts and minds was the message that Sarah Brightman left with the students of the Liceo Experimental Artístico of Santiago, Chile. The intimate gathering was part of the soprano’s continued activities as an UNESCO Artist for Peace (2012-2014) Brightman’s visit was coordinated by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, located in Santiago, along with the Chilean Council for Culture and the Arts

Sarah Brightman spoke before an auditorium of high school students specialising in theatre, music and dance, all areas of which she, has embraced over the years.Brightman also discussed her future trip to the International Space Station with the students and her continued support of education: “There is an enormous opportunity for the world to begin to harness the brainpower of a section of society that needs to be nurtured and encouraged - that section of society is a pretty big one – it’s young people like yourselves. As I prepare for my space trip over the next two years I want to ensure that I can do as much as possible to encourage today’s youth to pursue any ambitions that they have whether that be in the science/technology fields or in the arts so that we empower a whole new generation”.

2012-2014 UNESCO Artist for Peace

Brightman is proud to be an UNESCO Artist for Peace Ambassador and is committed to support a number of projects that UNESCO is engaged in.  There are two key areas that Sarah seeks to highlight included: Sustainability, that is how we ensure the continuing supply of the earth’s resources for future generations and the second, concerns encouraging more people, particularly girls, to follow a science path in their education.  Brightman says “It’s in everyone’s interest to help close the gender gap in sciences and I am helping UNESCO to develop the reach of their educational programmes to today’s youth.”.

In representation of UNESCO, Victoria Uranga, coordinator of the Knowledge Management Section of the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, reiterated the soprano’s important message: “Sarah said that since the moment she saw Astronaut Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, she dreamed of travelling into space, and hopes that she can encourage others to take inspiration from her journey both to chase down their own dreams and help fulfil global objectives.”

The students also had the chance to ask Sarah questions and provided her with a musical gift through classical guitar and Rapanui dance performances. The gathering was important for the Liceo Experimental Artístico, participating in an international event aimed at motivating the future artists trained by the school. The school is one of the emblematic arts schools in Chile, leading the way for arts education, training children and young people with outstanding artistic aptitudes, and developing creative skills such as arts comprehension and appreciation.

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