17.01.2013 - UNESCO Venice Office/ UNESCO Office in Amman

H2Ooooh! initiative to reach Latin America and the Caribbean

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Climate Change, population growth, increasing urbanization, chemical pollution and invasive species are contributing to the deterioration of water quality, while the variability in extreme events has considerably increased in recent years. The consequences for the environment and for living beings are considerable. A first 3-D animated television series, focusing on the issue of water protection and sustainable use developed by Gruppo Alcuni in collaboration with UNESCO and RAI Fiction is more than ever in the public eye. The H2Ooooh! initiative follows its expansion worldwide.

For the Arab States, the awareness campaign and cartoon drawing competition for students on water issues was launched in Jordan through the UNESCO Office in Amman; teachers from 28 schools of the 14 participating directorates (Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Ramtha, Rusayfeh, Ajloun, Salt and Madaba) participated in an orientation workshop on 7 May 2012 relevant to the Initiative. A total of 5,600 students (grades 8 and 9) participated in the competition and submitted storyboards in July 2012. These storyboards were reviewed and evaluated by an independent committee at each school and the best 3 stories were submitted to the UNESCO Office in Amman and the Jordan National Commission for Education, Culture and Science. The winning 2 stories will be turned into cartoons for the new series - currently under production.

H2Ooooh! certainly continues to have a very high communicational and educational potential worldwide. Four cartoons of the first series were selected and screened during the 6th ‘Cine Water to Drink’ held on 5-6 November 2012 in conjunction with the ‘9th Amazonas Film Festival’ in Manaus, Brazil. This short film festival believes that “a drop in the ocean does make a difference” and invites filmmakers around the globe to increase social awareness about the importance of water to life through film. The 2012 edition of the ‘Cine Water to Drink’ showed in competition short films from Brazil, Italy, USA, India and Hungary, most of them animated short films. H2Ooooh! was there:

  • Eureka: More valuable than oil is water, that in the desert is almost impossible to find. Cilindro who is travelling through the desert on his jeep will soon learn this at his own expense…This teaches all of us an important lesson: water is an inestimable resource - Watch [2:16]
  • An Eco Friendly Trip: How lovely to be by the sea… if only it weren’t for all this rubbish! In order to find out where all the rubbish is coming from, the Pet Pals hit the water complete with fins and snorkels. However, cleaning just a small part of the sea isn’t enough, everyone must do their bit and stop littering! - Watch [2:09]
  • Heroes of Water Saving: Let’s learn to save water! Nameless teaches his friends simple tricks to avoid wasting this precious resource. But it is crucial that everyone does their bit. - Watch [2:10]
  • Water is Precious:  Because the water has been too polluted and wasted, it has now become even impossible to put out a fire. The Pet Pals however don’t lose hope and decide to believe in the power of water which comes down in the form of rain. Now we all must learn to respect it. - Watch [2:09]

Top on the agenda for the UNESCO Venice office is to further promote the H2Ooooh! initiative in the UNESCO region : Latin America and the Caribbean.

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