13.10.2020 - UNESCO

Highlights from the High Level Reflection Group

Members of the Director general’s High Level Reflection Group are meeting for the fourth time (remotely) on 13th and 14th of October 2020, to discuss areas of interest to UNESCO. In view of this, the Strategic Transformation Support Unit took the opportunity to speak with four members of the group, to elaborate on some of their major areas of focus. Aminata Touré discussed the importance of dismantling systems of discrimination, gender inequality and racism in relation to both the African context and the role of global cooperation. Maja Zalaznik (formerly Makovec Brenčič) covered the vital roles of inclusive, accessible education, open science, and youth, and peaceful societies. Fouad Laroui deliberated on the crisis of science and the importance of building trust in science for humanity. Ho-Young Ahn discussed transnational challenges, global citizenship education and the importance of global cooperation to address our most pressing challenges and build peace.

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