15.04.2002 -

Involving Civil Society in the Preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society

The Latin American Network and Development Association (Fundación-Redes-y-Desarrollo - FUNREDES)), which is now associated to UNESCO in the preparation of the World Summit on the Information Society, is planning to launch a new project entitled "Bohio" aimed at creating a virtual meeting place, for cooperation and community action between Civil society organisations and the actors of development.

The essential goal of Bohio that is first being implemented in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti is to favour the cooperation between organisations representing Civil Society and the coordination of their activities through ICTs. What is now at stake is to permit the production, exchange and access to the most important information.


This process' first step will be the creation of info structures usable by the greatest number of people and the implication of the greatest number of communities in this project. Hence, it is planned to create a discussion place in four languages, permanent and virtual, based on the use of the e-mail and proposing an initial training and an online assistance. It is also previewed to organise a programme for trainers' training, so that they may spread this knowledge in the various communities. Other actions are to be implemented in the coming months.

FUNREDES, based in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, aims to promote and facilitate the use of ICTsin developing countries, and especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, together with international organizations, NGO's, governments, public and private interested institutions, etc., with the purpose of contributing to the regional development and integration.

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