16.04.2020 - Iranian National Commission

Iranian NatCom's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

To help the nation, the NatCom relies on the penetrative power of arts, literature, education and culture

Activities so far undertaken by the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO in response to the COVID-19 pandemic mainly contribute to promoting the mental health of the society and are carried out within the disciplinary grounds of Culture, CI, and Education.

The following are examples of activities so far implemented. Future plans are also underway in this area.

Iranian Clubs for UNESCO at the front

The 7 Iranian Clubs for UNESCO are trying to lend the nation and the medical societies a hand in the nation-wide combat against COVID-19. In this pursuit the Clubs have participated in social activities to produce sanitary clothing (for surgeons, nurses and physicians), masks as well as food supplies.

The success factors of these projects include harnessing ICTs for social emergency aid actions by providing an IT-based supply-demand-and-distribution chain, and private sector engagement. To this date, a number of 1900 million masks have been produced. Funding of all of the abovementioned activities was based on voluntary public donations.

Graphics design exhibition

In response to the silent epidemic of mental illness following the covid-19 pandemic and in tribute of the selfless efforts of medical communities in their combat against the Corona virus, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO organized a virtual national graphics design art festival, showcasing relevant posters and infographics of warnings, recommendations and important preventive measures, etc.

Considering the major role played by the medical communities worldwide, it is proposed to have this event also organized at regional and/or international level. The cooperation of the National Commissions can be most effective in this regard.

Iran creative cities respond to COVID-19

The four Iranian creative cities of Rasht, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and Sanandaj, using the potential of music to raise spirits, are organizing, in cooperation with and under the supervision of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, 4-minute virtual concerts by renowned composers for the public. The performances will be recorded at home and later sent to the NatCom for public distribution on social media and the NatCom’s instagram. 

This activity is carried out under the current global motto: “Stay Home”.

Literature used to support nation during COVID-19

Professors of literature perform 1-hour live readings of Iranian literary works and poetry from home to be posted on the NatCom’s Instagram on a daily basis for the public.   

Well-known Iranian singers will perform spirit-raising songs at home. These performances will then be posted, by the NatCom, on social media for public use.  

Live discussions

The NatCom has committed to organizing live discussion sessions on the topic of “Our Post-Corona World”, where scientists in various fields of science, culture, economy and politics discuss their views of the world in the post-corona era. 

This programme runs live on the NatCom’s instagram, every other day.

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