31.03.2010 - UNESCOPRESS

Irina Bokova attends the International Donors’ Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova is attending the “International Donors’ Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti”, which is being held on 31 March 2010, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.

The goal of the conference is to mobilize international support for the post-earthquake needs of Haiti, in an effort to lay the foundation for Haiti’s long-term recovery.  The Director-General is conveying UNESCO’s strong commitment to Haiti’s recovery plan and underscoring that education, culture, science, and communication are essential for the country’s sustainable long-term development.

Emphasizing the vital importance of culture for development strategies, Irina Bokova noted in a recent article to the press that “we must make the same commitment to supporting Haiti’s culture as we have made in the humanitarian response. We must do it because it is one of the surest ways to ensure real ownership by the Haitian people of the re-foundation of their country. By recognizing the importance of their culture, we acknowledge the ability of ordinary Haitians to be the main players of the recovery,” she added.

Since shortly after the earthquake, UNESCO has been working in close cooperation with its Haitian partners – not only government ministers and departments, but intellectuals and artists, museums and archives – to develop emergency and medium-term projects within the coordinated United Nations response to the disaster.

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