30.05.2012 - ODG

Irina Bokova opens the International Conference “Euro-Arab Dialogue: contribution to a new humanism”

On 31 May, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova will be in Vienna to take part in the International Conference of National Commissions for UNESCO entitled “Euro-Arab Dialogue: contribution to a new humanism”.

The Director-General will highlight the importance of the Euro-Arab dialogue, which was launched in 2001 at the initiative of the Tunisian and German National Commissions for UNESCO, in facing today’s challenges. “In this age of uncertainty, when challenges pay little heed to borders, it is not enough to live side by side in peace, we must learn to live together, to act together,” said the Director-General. “It is not enough to connect. We must share solutions, experiences and dreams, as a single community bound together by human rights and fundamental freedom”.

The main objective of the conference co-organized by UNESCO and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, is to explore ways of generating innovative actions and adopting, as a result of the meeting, new Terms of references and an Action plan aimed at developing Euro-Arab cooperation, particularly around the concept of the “new humanism”.

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