07.06.2017 -

Korean National Commission for UNESCO hosts 2017 Staff Exchange Programme

© Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU)

© Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU)

© Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU)

Place: Seoul and Jeju Island

From 14 to 20 May

The Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) launched this year’s Staff Exchange Programme for National Commissions for UNESCO on 14 May 2017.

KNCU has organized the Programme on an annual basis for over 30 years, with the aim of strengthening cooperation and promoting the constructive sharing of ideas and opinions among National Commissions for UNESCO. This year, KNCU invited participants from the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Swiss National Commissions. The Chinese, Japanese and Thai National Commissions have regularly participated in the Programme in previous years, while the Swiss Commission was invited to help expand international cooperation among National Commissions under this programme beyond the Asia-Pacific region.

The Programme took place in Seoul and on Jeju Island, from 14-20 May. Thematic discussions were held on a variety of topics, with each participating National Commission sharing their experiences and views by giving a presentation relevant to the programme’s themes and participating in active discussions. The Chinese Commission presented on the theme of “social changes and the role of National Commissions as think tanks”, while the Japanese and Thai Commissions presented on “cooperation with national networks” and the Swiss Commission presented on “cooperation among National Commissions to create and share ideas”.

In addition to the thematic discussions, participants had an opportunity to experience KNCU’s operations and activities, and made visits to the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (a UNESCO Category II Centre), Ewha Womans University (a UNESCO Chair), and Jeju Island (a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Republic of Korea).

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