09.12.2013 -

Conference on Euro-Arab Dialogue discussed commonly shared heritage and values

Algarve, Portugal, 25-26 November 2013

As a follow-up to the International Conference “Euro-Arab Dialogue: Contribution to a New Humanism” held in Vienna in late May and early June 2012, UNESCO organized, in cooperation with the MBI Al Jaber Foundation, a Conference on “Euro-Arab Dialogue: Our Commonly Shared Values” (Algarve, Portugal, 25-26 November 2013). Representatives of National Commissions and experts from sixteen Arab and European countries, along with partner institutions to this Dialogue, participated in this meeting.

This Conference emphasized on intangible and tangible cultural heritage as key witness of the Euro-Arab encounters and reflected on the preparation of an educational toolkit aiming to promote this interregional and intercultural dialogue. A concrete action plan for the production of this educational toolkit will be prepared in consultation with the National Commissions of the two regions. This project will be submitted to the next International Conference on Euro-Arab Dialogue which UNESCO plans to organize in 2014 in partnership with the MBI Al Jaber Foundation.


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