06.06.2013 - UNESCO Office in Santiago

Latin America and the Caribbean work on their agenda: technical meeting on the Regional Teacher Strategy

Between 6 and 7 June, the 3rd Technical Meeting on the UNESCO Regional Teaching Strategy will be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. All Latin American and Caribbean countries are invited to attend, and thanks to the collaboration with the OAS (Organisation of American States), the meeting will include the participation of the Department of Education and the Database for Knowledge about Teachers.

On the day prior to the meeting, the OAS will organise the meeting First Research Visit for the Exchange of Knowledge on the Teaching Profession of the Inter-American Teacher Education Network (RIED). All visit participants will be able to participate in the 3rd Technical Meeting on the UNESCO Regional Teaching Strategy.

The 3rd Technical Meeting on the UNESCO Regional Teaching Strategy is aimed at discussing the drafts of six working documents that are being prepared by professionals from the regional network of experts convoked by UNESCO within the framework of its Strategy. The objective of this meeting is to improve the document drafts, enhance the debate and help push the regional agenda so that it favours teachers and quality education. The topics to be addressed at the meeting include:

a) Planning and dilemmas regarding disciplinary, pedagogical and professional training in initial teacher training
b) Standards for initial teacher training
c) Collaborative professional learning
d) Performance assessment
e) Construction of policies for the teaching sector, and
f) Economic aspects of the construction of policies for the teaching sector.

The documents and analysis resulting from this meeting will be part of the input that the Regional Strategy plans to make available to the education policy decision makers and researchers, study centres and teachers’ unions in order to contribute to a better quality of education with a focus on the key role of teachers.

The UNESCO Regional Teacher Strategy has been working since 2011 to strengthen teacher policies in the region. It has already prepared a diagnostic and some guidelines regarding key issues in this area. During the present phase, the Strategy is addressing knowledge gaps in order to make substantial progress in favour of teachers and quality education in the region.



• Publication Antecedentes y Criterios para Elaboración de Políticas Docentes en América Latina y el Caribe (in Spanish)

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