26.06.2014 - Permanent Delegation of Bolivia to UNESCO

Thursdays of Bolivian cinema

The "Bolivian Thursdays", launched in May 2014, continue with two short films dedicated to education and indigenous weavers (in Spanish with English subtitles), screened on Thursday 26 June, at 6 pm, at the Circle of Delegates of UNESCO (Miollis).

"Awariy", by Valeria Ariñez: Julieta,11 years old, lives in the countryside in Potolo, a town of weavers in Bolivia. For centuries women's hands have created Jalqa weaves, beautiful handmade textiles. Her grandmother and mother are quechua-speaking weavers and Julieta will inherit their knowledge. She also attends public school where she learns in Spanish and she plays in the school band. This is the everyday life of a girl living in rural Bolivia in 2012. Two styles of learning, which will triumph?

"Tejiendo Caminos del Saber", by the international organisation CARE: Based on the testimonies of indigenous women from Wari Macha Macha, a community found in the north of Potosi, this documentary shows the challenges endured in the access to the educational system. Julia Apaza, Sinda Solano and Paulina Mita share their experiences and the obstacles they have faced in order to pursue their studies. These stories, which lay in between frustration and success, advocate for a greater access to an education that takes into account the diversity of cultural identities.

The Bolivian Delegation invites UNESCO staff to the screening and a cocktail with Bolivian gastronomic specialties.

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