05.06.2013 - UNESCO Venice Office

“Look at Me”, the short film winner of the UNESCO special recognition at CIAK Junior

©Lahav NPO-Children’s channel - Netta, the protagonist of "Look at Me"

Children make movies. Four out of the seven short films in competition at the 24th Edition of the CIAK Junior International Film Festival held in Italy focused on the issue of bullying in all its forms, in particular over the internet. In all the stories, diversity acceptance turned out to be the toughest challenge to face. UNESCO awarded a special recognition to the short film “Look at Me” presented by teens from Israel.

Watch it on YouTube: Look at Me [14:41]

During this year’s edition of the CIAK Junior Festival, a UNESCO special recognition was assigned by Philippe Pypaert to the short film which best expressed the mission and mandate of the Organization: “Look at Me” (original title “Tistaklu Alaay”) directed by Gily Boraks, produced by Lahav NPO - Children’s channel, and presented by Israel.

The short film tackles the subject of cyber-bullying. As the Internet increasingly becomes a central part of our lives, there are inevitable negative aspects, one of which is “cyber-bullying”. The issue is particularly alarming in the developed world, where such technologies are more widely available.

Netta, the protagonist joins a group of mediators which aims at solving disputes between the pupils at school. During an encounter with her classmates, Netta is drawn to playing a prank on Facebook against Liron, an unpopular girl from her class, and does nothing to stop her friends from going about it.

When Netta has regrets and tries to fix things, her classmates ostracize her and insult her on her Facebook page. Surprisingly, at that juncture, Netta finds a way to solve the problem and to convey an important lesson to her friends.

“Look at Me”, unlike the other films in competition at CIAK Junior, not only denounces the problem but also provides a solution in its happy ending. Courage, resourcefulness and creativity are conveyed by Netta, the protagonist, through the messages she posts, inviting us to take a look at ourselves and inside ourselves.

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