11.10.2012 -

Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO on the occasion of the 190th session of the Executive Board

Tuesday 9 October 2012, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., in Room IV

The Sector for External Relations and Public Information (ERI) organized a meeting for the members of National Commissions attending the current 190th session of the Executive Board on Tuesday, 9 October 2012, Room IV at UNESCO Headquarters. Representatives from 74 National Commissions and/or Permanent Delegations actively participated in a lively discussion on issues related to improving the Secretariat’s cooperation with the National Commissions. On the agenda, the main topics of discussion included: recent regional consultations on the 37 C/4 and 37 C/5; remit and terms of reference of the open-ended tripartite working group for the review of cooperation of UNESCO’s Secretariat with National Commissions (document 190 EX/37 and Addendum); implementation of the Participation Programme and emergency assistance (document 190 EX/5 Part III. B and Addendum); and Comprehensive Partnership Strategy for UNESCO (documents 190 EX/21 Part II and 190 EX/INF.7).

Mr Eric Falt, ADG/ERI, welcomed representatives of National Commissions on behalf of the Director-General, and introduced the above topics. Participants commented on issues related to logistical matters timing, monitoring and follow-up of the regional consultations, the purpose and nature of the tripartite working group, evaluation and approval of the requests under the Participation Programme, role of National Commissions in engaging NGOs and civil society partners. Mr Falt brought clarifications and exchanged views with the participants. He thanked the participants for their active taking part in this dialogue and ensured that UNESCO is committed to working Member States and their National Commissions to address the issues discussed.



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