15.02.2012 - UNESCOPRESS

National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan to reinforce support for the Organization

© UNESCO/Cynthia Guttman

The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan (NFUAJ) have reinforced their support for the Organization with the signing of a Cooperation Agreement in Tokyo today.

The new agreement signed by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and NFUAJ President Masatake Matsuda, will pave the way for a national fund-raising initiative for UNESCO’s priority programs. The pilot phase of this initiative will take place over the next three years and reach out to the private sector and individuals.


“Since it founded the first UNESCO club in 1947 Japan has always championed UNESCO's mission and core values,” said the Director-General at the signing ceremony.  “The Federation represents a model of civic engagement and solidarity in action. I am honoured that we are signing this initiative today, less than a year after the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. It shows once again Japan's engagement and commitment to the relevance of UNESCO, to the importance of education, culture and science for building a more humanistic and sustainable world. By further encouraging the involvement of private partners in our mission, it will enable us to further our cooperation, to foster creativity and innovation for the common good of humanity."


NFUAJ President Masatake Matsuda thanked Ms Bokova for the support and gestures of solidarity that she has extended to Japan. He invited his fellow Federation members and partners to remain steadfast in their activities to uphold the values and objectives of UNESCO.


UNESCO already works closely with several major Japanese partners, including corporations such as Panasonic, and broadcasters NHK and TBS, especially in the area of World Heritage protection and promotion.


The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan today groups some 600 local and national organizations, with over 20,000 registered members.


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