10.11.2020 - UNESCO

New High Level Reflection Group interviews

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the DG’s High Level Reflection Group has remained mobilised. The Strategic Transformation Support Unit took the opportunity presented by their most recent set of meetings to run a series of interviews with the group members. Following a first set of interviews, the unit has now published another four, to elaborate on some more of their major areas of focus. ​

Kuniko Inoguchi spoke about gender equality, education and social progress in the context of COVID-19. María Teresa Ronderos examined the role of freedom of expression, media and information literacy, and the safety of journalists in healthy democracies. Jad Tabet discussed heritage protection in contexts of conflict and disaster, considering the example of the recent Beirut port explosion. Denise Alvarez described the link between natural heritage protection and the preservation of indigenous knowledge, and the importance of translating these values into effective public policy and education programming.​

​Denise Alvarez - Education communicates the value of natural and indigenous heritage

​Jad Tabet - A coordinated, holistic approach is required to protect heritage in conflict and disaster zones

Kuniko Inoguchi - Education is the foundation of gender equality 

​María Teresa Ronderos - Creating space to convene on Freedom of Expression vital for the health of modern society​​

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