03.08.2009 -

New logo for the Memory of the World Programme

At its 9th meeting, which concluded in Barbados on 31 July 2009, the International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Programme selected the winning design for the Programme. The entry was submitted by Heiko Huennerkopf and its symbolic depiction of the gaps within, or losses of, memory contributed to the decision of the Jury.

According to the designer, at the beginning of human history, information and memories were first transmitted verbally to successive generations. The invention of petroglyphs and scripts that were hard-hewn on stone tablets permitted memories to be conserved for a longer period. However, the development of papyrus and parchment further helped to record memories as the rolls were easier to handle and could be more widely disseminated. In this way, knowledge that was recorded on rolls of papyrus and parchment managed to survive.


This forms the basis of the logo: a scroll whose shape, in addition to an association with the copyright symbol, also depicts a globe, a gramophone record, a film roll and a disc. All of these represent the many of the forms of documentary heritage preserved under the Programme.


The new logo will now be associated with all activities of the Programme and will be progressively incorporated. The Memory of the World Programme was established in 1992 to preserve the world's endangered documentary heritage.

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