11.07.2007 -

New youth internet radio initiative in the Caribbean

On 26 June, the Commonwealth Youth Programme Caribbean Centre (CYPCC) began broadcasting live on its new internet radio station.

Youth Vibes Radio, which has been launched in association with the Caribbean Internet Radio Portal (CIRP) and UNESCO, is currently in its testing phase but is already providing audio to millions of listeners around the world. It uses the m3w software, one of the best in the world in terms of quality.


CYPCC Regional Director, Henry Charles, hailed this new development as one of the most significant achievements in the history of the Centre. He noted that the radio station will provide an excellent avenue for collaboration with other Commonwealth organizations to deliver open and distance learning education for youth leaders and youth development professionals.


In the coming months, CYPCC will be developing a programme schedule to be posted on its website so that listeners can keep abreast of youth development events in the Commonwealth Caribbean.


The new internet radio station will broadcast live from the Information Department at the CYP Caribbean Centre in Georgetown, Guyana, and will have the capacity to transmit from other locations throughout the region by simple use of a laptop computer and other accessories.


The Regional Director has also stated that "this new initiative is an excellent tool to advance the youth empowerment agenda and to develop strategic partnerships with various strata of youth."


Under this initiative, CYPCC will be able to provide live and delayed coverage of its projects and events. The Centre also proposes to use the station to produce regular news clips, conduct interviews with programme staff, policy makers, partners and other stakeholders in youth development in the region.


CYPCC will use this medium to stimulate informed debate on such topics as effective youth participation, the Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment, the CYP Youth mainstreaming agenda, youth empowerment strategies to create a drug and violence free society, etc. It should also be a useful tool for ongoing analysis of the global challenges facing youth in the 21st century.


Listen to Youth Vibes Radio at: <a target=_blank href="http://www.mcclinks.com/cirp/index.html">www.mcclinks.com/cirp/index.html</a>

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