20.04.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Open Discovery Space eLearning Project to unleash the innovation potential of Education in Europe

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51 organizations from 23 countries will gather in Athens, Greece, on 23 April for the kick off of Open Discovery Space – an innovative European Commission funded project (CIP PSP call 5, Objective 2.4 eLearning) that aims to create a socially-powered, multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adaptation of eLearning Resources.

Open Discovery Space will engage students, teachers, parents and policymakers in a first of its kind pan-European effort to address the key challenges facing the European eLearning environment. The UNESCO Venice Office will use this open resource education platform to enhance the capacity of UNESCO schools in Science Education in selected South-East European countries.

“We are eager to rethink the current model of education,’ said Antonis Ramfos, Project Coordinator and Director of Research and Innovation, Intrasoft International. "Open Discovery Space aims to turn the world of learning upside down by creating an entirely new model that will become the most powerful engine of change and innovation that the world of education has ever seen.”

Open Discovery Space will achieve its ambitious goals by engaging teachers and pupils in the co-creation of innovative, new educational practices rather than simply introducing them to the ‘new.’  In so doing, Open Discovery Space will advance the modernization of school education by increasing the digital competences of key stakeholders whilst simultaneously stimulating demand for innovative eLearning resources. Ultimately, Open Discovery Space will engage stakeholders in the production of new user-generated educational activities in a socially-empowered, multilingual environment and   empower them with integrated access to unique eLearning resources from educational repositories around the world.

According to e-Learning expert Sofoklis Sotiriou: <a name="_GoBack"></a>"To achieve our goals, Open Discovery Space must carefully craft a “change story” underlining the benefits that it can offer to all the involved actors. We must cultivate a sense of community, making the teacher feel part of a cohesive multi-national team. This sense of belonging will prove critical to motivating teachers and asking them to take the next, rather demanding steps, of changing their practices”.

UNESCO Venice Office Science Programme Officer, Davide Poletto, together with Sofoklis Sotiriou, will present the Open Discovery Space project on the occasion of the 2012 World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress to be held in June at UNESCO .

For further information about hands-on training and experience with the platform and e-Learning more generally see:  http://ods.ea.gr/. Website: http://www.opendiscoveryspace.eu

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