10.08.2005 -

Open Frame 2005: Announcement of selection

The official selection for the Open Frame 2005, the International Festival & Forum on Public Service Broadcasting, has been made. The forum, organized by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT), in collaboration with UNESCO, will take place in New Delhi, India, from 9 to 15 September 2005.

The objective of the Forum is to showcase outstanding and innovative productions that clearly illustrate the concept of public service broadcasting, while providing a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange through the audiovisual language.


The following productions have been selected:



International Section


1. School among Glaciers, 64 min, Dorji Wangchuk, Bhutan


2. Seres Extravagantes (Odd People Out), 54 min, Manuel Zayas, Cuba/Spain


3. Treacling Down, 14 min, Upali Gamlath, Sri Lanka


4. DIVO - Digital Interactive Video On-Line, 22 min, Kirsten Disse, Ghana/ UK


5. Tepantorer Mathe (In The Mysteries Land), 22 min, Rowshon Ara Rukhshana, Sarker, Bangladesh


6. Cotidinao da Cidade (City Life), 52 min, Luiz Eduardo Lerina, Brazil


7. El Elefante Blanco (The White Elephant), 52 min, Alexandra Indaco, Argentina


8. Pamashto, una mirada interior (Pamashto, an internal look), 55 min, Marco Luna, Peru


9. Días de Cartón (Cardboard Days), 52 min, Verónica Souto, Argentina


10. Dayabai, 52 min, Annie Drese, India/Belgium



National Section

(productions submitted via UNESCO only)


1. The Phoenix, 44 min Subha Das Mollick, India



The remaining selection of local productions will be properly announced at the national level.


The organizers will contact the selected filmmakers in the next few days for participation arrangements. UNESCO and PSBT thank all participating producers for their submissions and extend an invitation to submit their latest productions next year.


PSBT is a non-profit organization that aims at fostering a public culture of broadcasting that is exciting and cutting edge, as well as socially responsive and representative of democratic values. PSBT seeks to refashion the paradigm of public radio and television, not at the margins, but at the very heart of broadcasting.

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