27.03.2020 - Palestinian National Commission

Palestinian National Commission’s engagement in dealing with Corona virus disease pandemic

The Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science works within the framework of its competence in following up with international organizations specialized (UNESCO, ALECSO, ICESCO) and similar national commissions to assist countries and specialized parties to cope with the great challenges imposed by the spread of Corona in the world. This follow up involves attracting and endorsing best international practices and exchange of experiences, as well as informing specialized parties in our country about it to help them in dealing with the repercussions of this pandemic, and its impact on the cultural, social and educational conditions in Palestine. We also request emergency technical and logistical support for relevant institutions in order to respond with the requirements and needs of such stage. All important releases and initiatives for specialized organizations are being circulated through local media and official press sites of the commission.

At the internal level of PNCECS

The staff of PNCECS continues to perform its tasks at home on line using various electronic communication means  and Teleworking technique.

At the UNESCO level:

PNCECS follows up on every press release by UNESCO, its regional and field offices in the context of their issuances, releases and recommendations in relation to coping with the implications of Corona pandemic through circulating them on parties and institutions relevant, in addition to publishing them in local media and media official sites for the commission, for example:

-       Publishing a guidance brochure to teach children at home in light of the escalating Corona crisis. The brochure was produced to deliver assistance and useful advice for parents in light of the spread of this pandemic which lead to schools closure. 

-       Circulating and disseminating UNESCO releases in relation to: How to plan for distance learning during the temporary schools closure. Due to Corona pandemic, the learning process for millions of children and students around the world is being disrupted. UNESCO has circulated ten recommendations for distance learning in Arabic language to guarantee the continuation of the learning process. 

-       Disseminating and circulating UNESCO online events as Global  Network Learning  Cities in responding to Corona crisis and discussing contingency plans, exchanging solutions and share distance learning  approaches. UNESCO GNLC convened webinar on March.24,2020 at 1-2:20 pm for member and non-member state to take part in the webinar through videoconference technique.

Promoting cooperation with UNESCO field office in Palestine to publish approved material as images, illustration videos in an attempt to unify efforts in fighting pandemic Corona. Emergency assistance is underway by UNESCO for relevant Palestinian institutions to assist them in bearing the burdens of the current challenges.

At the level of Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO)  

The Palestinian National Commission worked on :

●     Disseminating and circulating ICESCO messages in terms of pictures, illustrations and graphics to raise public awareness about the risks of Corona, and educating them through info graphics. These illustrations aim at teaching them how to cope and face this global pandemic, and how to learn and work despite the crisis.

●     Circulating what ICESCO has prepared as a list of open and free resources program so that producers of the educational content can use them in the layout of a program for distance learning.

●     Interacting with ICESCO initiative to circulate national initiatives for education in light of the spread of Corona pandemic through a link so that member states can participate and benefit from national experiences. This link allows exploring many of distance learning applications launched by Islamic countries and other countries. The link was made available to the specialized parties and the official media sites for the Palestinian commission.  

●     Work is underway with ICESCO initiative “ICESCO kit for educational content creators”, in  collaboration with the Ministry of Education to offer logistic support to the  member states most affected in light of the pandemic. The kit provides the required audio visual and digital devices, thus creating a technique to prepare and record the educational material to be made available for various educational stages. 

●     Interacting with ICESCO in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in the context of an initiative called” How to spend your time in light of Corona spread?” This initiative is conducive to developing one’s artistic and literary creativity during the quarantine for this category of people. The competent  parties offer   a symbolic  prize for best literary work ( short story) and artistic work (paintings). Best works will be nominated  during the next session of Conference for Ministers of Culture in the Arab world, and in the context of the closing ceremony for celebrating the capitals of Culture in the Arab world.

At the level of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) 

●     Disseminating and circulating ALECSO initiative for electronic learning, and enhancing open education to encounter the interruption of the education process due to Corona pandemic, and to put their accumulative knowledge and experience in the domain of available open educational resources, for example: Arab Network for open educational resources, Riwaq  platform, and massive open on line courses (MOOCS) . 

●     Circulating a guidance for raising public awareness in the context of prevention fromCorona virus risks in various languages (Arabic, English, Spanish, and Chinese) in addition to producing a sign language section  for the guidance with electronic link.

●     Work is underway with ALECSO to organize training sessions for teachers to enhance their capacities in using electronic platforms, and using tools related to producing educational content and making them available for the students.

At the level of similar National Commissions:

PNCECS follows up on other national commissions in the context of their releases, contributions, experiences and initiatives in dealing with the spread of pandemic Corona. The staff of PNCECS circulates it through local media and official press sites of the commission.

At the media level:

PNCECS works on disseminating news, articles, reports and press interviews in the various media and local newspaper to stand on the efforts exerted by the Palestinian National Commission, as well as specialized, international and regional organizations (UNESCO, ICESCO, ALECSO), and the opportunities given by them to work with the specialized parties to  provide their needs, increase their capacities and efficiency in coping with the challenges encountered by the relevant institutions in the State of Palestine in light of pandemic Corona. 

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