16.10.2013 - UNESCO Havana/Portal of Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean

"Para Mestizar": A song to Cuban cultural diversity

© UNESCO Havana/E.Suárez.Eme Alfonso presents "Para Mestizar", accompanied by Joseph Ros and Ismael Sayyad.

The videoclip "Para Mestizar" was screened for the first time in Havana on the afternoon of October 14 as part of a pleasant encounter that took place between young filmmakers and the press at the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Centre.

Cuban artist Eme Alfonso, the soul of the project, said that this videoclip is the result of a personal concern of hers: "knowing where I come from, what my roots are". She added that it was made possible due to the support given by a series of institutions, and she also thanked the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Cuban Institute of Music, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE) and the embassies of Spain, France, Great Britain and Norway in Cuba.

From a beautiful song, with lyrics by the outstanding Cuban troubadour Pedro Luis Ferrer, with music by Eme Alfonso, and sung by this singer-songwriter, the project became an audiovisual material on the island's cultural diversity and the components that nurture it. The coordinator of the audiovisual, Ismael Sayyad, and its artistic director, Joseph Ros, gave details of the filming process, which lasted for months and covered six provinces, from the west to the eastern tip of the island: La Habana, Mayabeque, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, Ciego de Ávila and Guantánamo. They wished to show part of the cultural diversity of the descendants that have lived in Cuba throughout its history, including not only the indigenous, Spanish and African cultures, but also those that are lesser known in the media, such as the Haitian, the English-speaking Antillean, Jewish and Latin American cultures, among others.

The public praised the quality of the material presented. The famous Cuban musician Carlos Alfonso, director of the music group Síntesis, highlighted the seriousness and dedication with which the project was dealt with by its producers, all quite young. A representative from the cultural institutions of Guantánamo spoke highly of the work carried out by the team in that province, where its members visited the most far-off places in search of bearers of cultural expressions native to the region, which is considered an important cultural reserve in Cuba.

"Para Mestizar" will have its official premiere in the social networks on 28 October. Here we are publishing a promotional video of that material.

Promotional video

Leaflet on the audiovisual

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