15.10.2013 - UNESCO La Habana

UNESCO Havana highlights the Organization’s role in promoting legislative frameworks in the field of communication

Promoting policies and practices that stimulate the exercise of rights related to freedom of expression, safety of journalists and self-regulatory systems in the media, in both traditional and virtual platforms, constitute an important part of the mandate of the Organization, affirmed Isabel Viera, Official of the Communication and Information Programme of the UNESCO Office in Havana during the first session of the Symposium “Public Policies and Legislation in Communication. Latin-American Experiences”, that takes place the 14 – 16 of October in the Cuban capital under the auspice of the Organization.

The specialist also stated during her intervention various resources and tools elaborated by UNESCO that contribute to the establishment of legal frameworks adaptable to the needs and particularities of local scenarios, among which was mentioned the publication Media Development Indicators: A framework for assessing media development, that allows the evaluation of the situation of the media and the communication in the context applied, as well as, in the scope of professional capacity building, the book Media and Information Literacy. Curriculum for teachers and Model Curricula for Journalism Education and its new programme.

During her presentation, Viera also highlighted the leadership of the Organization in the implementation of strategies and initiatives that lead to the guarantee of the safety of journalists, such as the UN Plan of Action for the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity, and the importance of the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), whose secretariat is located within UNESCO, for constituting the only multilateral forum of the UN System that promotes the advancement of media development projects in more than 140 developing countries, with funding from voluntary contributions from donor countries.

The Symposium “Public Policies and Legislation in Communication. Latin-American Experiences”, first in its kind to be carried out in the country, aims to reflect from different perspectives on the existence of appropriate policies and regulatory frameworks for the proper development and performance of the media in Latin-America and the Caribbean, as well as learning and exchanging on the current state of the issue in the region.
Organized by the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism, the meeting includes the participation of prestigious communication scholars and professionals from Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Dominican Republic.

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