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Preserving Viet Nam’s documentary heritage

Dr Vu Thi Minh Huong, Director General of the State Archives and Records Department of Viet Nam, and Ray Edmondson, Chairman of MOWCAP, holding a book about the Nguyen Dynasty Woodblocks - © Ray Edmondson

An international workshop on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme (MoW) took place on 8 January 2013 in Hanoi, Viet Nam. It brought together about one hundred participants who shared their experiences, reviewed the Memory of the World in Asia-Pacific and discussed issues related to the preservation of valuable collections in the region.

Entitled “Sharing experience on participating in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme”, the workshop was organized by the State Records and Archives Department of Viet Nam. It was attended by representatives of Vietnamese archives, libraries and museums, as well as by international participants from Memory of the World Committee for Asia/Pacific (MOWCAP), State Archives of China, National Archives of Korea and others.

Addressing the opening ceremony, the Vice-Minister of Home Affairs Van Tat Thu warmly commended Viet Nam’s achievements in the MoW Programme and strongly supported the future action plan of the Viet Nam National Committee for Memory of the World. The opening ceremony was also attended by Katherine Müller-Marin, Head of UNESCO’s Office in Hanoi, and Pham Cao Phong, General Secretary of Viet Nam’s National Commission for UNESCO.

Issues discussed at the workshop included: reviewing Memory of the World in Asia Pacific in general and in Viet Nam in particular; sharing practical experiences on participating in the MoW Programme and preparing nominations from Viet Nam, China and Korea; and evaluating collections preserved by various organizations in Viet Nam.

In 2006, a National Focal Point for Memory of the World was established in Viet Nam, with the State Records and Archives Department serving as a supporting agency. Since then, many activities have been undertaken to raise awareness, within society and among heritage holders, about the Memory of the World Programme. Viet Nam has now two documentary heritage items inscribed on the International MoW Register:

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