16.05.2012 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Promoting science education in Gabon

Winning students in science education contest © UNESCO

Since 2009, science education has been successfully promoted in Gabon through yearly contests in mathematics, the basic for all science subjects.

UNESCO is collaborating with the Oma Bongo Ondimba Peace Foundation and the Ministry of Education to organize the national contest for Grade 11 and 12 science students.

Four editions of the contest have already been organized by the Foundation. The event is broadcast throughout the country and abroad through international channels, such as Africable.

A new momentum has been generated in the Education Community. Heads of Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Educational Authorities are paying growing attention to the annual results of the Contest.

The backbone of Science Policy

The Director of UNESCO Office in Libreville, Mohammed BACHIRI, stress the need for Gabon to develop quality human resources, and specifically in Science and Technology.

"Science Education is the backbone of Science Policy," he says.

UNESCO is providing support not only to the design of relevant Science Education policies, but also to the implementation of national initiatives to mobilize youth and in particular women for science education.


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