24.01.2018 - UNESCO

Replacement of the telephone system - follow up

Message for the Permanent Delegations having offices in UNESCO premises (Miollis)

With reference to the previous communications we sent you (related to the new telephone system) on the 22/12/2017 and 09/01/2018 we would like to inform you about the next step of the installation of the new telephone system.

In January the new telephone sets were distributed in your offices (next to the existing ones). Unfortunately some of the offices were closed and we could not get access, we will try to contact these Delegations during this week. Please do not displace or close the new telephones into cupboards or move them to other locations as we will not be able to connect them.

As already announced, this weekend (27-28 of January) we will be activating the new telephone system. This means that we will pass by your office (in presence of security agents), disconnect and collect the old telephones and connect, activate the new ones. At the same time we will leave in your office a flyer showing the main functionalities of your new telephone sets. This and other documentation will be available in electronic format on unesco.int as well.

From Monday (29/01/2018) morning on you will be using the new telephone system.

In case of any problem or difficulty please contact our ServiceDesk:

-        By telephone: 11

-        Or using START (our ticketing system)

-        Or by mail servicedesk(at)unesco.org or helpdesk(at)unesco.org

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