16.12.2014 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Report of the Gambia’s mini consultation on the post 2015 education agenda, the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa

The Gambia is the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to submit its mini consultation report on the post-2015 education agenda.

The mini consultation took place on December 9, 2014 the capital Banjul. It allowed a large array of views from various stakeholders including

  • the Government: education sector at both central and local levels, other sectors such as finance, youth, health and employment,
  • teacher trade-union,
  • academia,
  • civil society, and,
  • education partners

The results focus on challenges relative to learning modes’ diversification, coordination, teacher issues and those of capacity, curricula relevance and the role of research in informing policy-making.

Preparing Africa’s education agenda beyond 2015

UNESCO encourages all 47 sub-Saharan African countries to organize a national mini consultation in preparation of the sub-Saharan Africa Regional Conference (Kigali, Rwanda, 9-11 February 2015). The purpose is to enable a wide array of national stakeholders to be fully briefed on and discuss the proposed post-2015 education agenda from their national perspective.

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