31.10.2016 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Representatives of Five Challenging Areas of Indonesia Enhanced Knowledge on Good School-Based Management Practices

A “Workshop on School-Based Management / Creating Learning Communities for Children” was held on 25-27 October in Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia). Organized by UNESCO Jakarta in cooperation with the Directorate for the Management of Primary Schools (Ministry of Education and Culture). The workshop aimed to enhance capacities of five Districts/City in Indonesia on School-Based Managment practices. These five areas had been identified by the Directorate for the Management of Primary Schools as areas with lowest implementation of School-Based Management practices, based on monitoring and evaluation they conducted in 2015. These areas are Bangli District (Bali), Donggala District (Central Sulawesi), Timor Tengah Selatan District (East Nusa Tenggara), Ternate City (North Maluku), and Pulang Pisau District (Central Kalimantan). Heads of the Primary Education Sections of the District/City Education Offices, Primary School Supervisors, Primary School Principals, and Primary School Teachers of the five Districts/City actively participated in the event, facilitated by three Resource Persons from the School-Based Management Resource Center (Malang State University).

In the Opening, Mr.Gunawan Zakki (National Professional Officer of UNESCO Jakarta) introduced the programmes of UNESCO, and UNESCO’s aim to support countries in achieveing the Sustainable  Development Goals by 2030.

Drs. I Nyoman Subrata, MM (Head of the Primary Education Section of the Bali Provincial Education, Youth and Spports Office) welcomed this initiative ad expressed his appreciation for organization of this workshop. He emphasized that as we are facing rapid advancements in science, technology and globalization, quality education becomes even more important. In accordance with the Government’s mandate to implement School-Based Management in every school, it is hoped that through this workshop, the Districts and City represented in this workshop could improve their implementation of School-Based Management practices.

Dr. Juandanilsyah, SE,  MA (Head of the Sub-Directorate for Curriculum, Directorate for the Management of Pimary Schools), on behalf of Drs. Wowon Widaryat, M.Si. (Director for the Management of Primary Schools), explained the various support the Direcorate had conducted to develop capacities in implementing School-Based Management in the country. This support was notably through various trainings, establishment of the School-Based Management Resource Center, and the School-Based Management web portal. In the future, the Directorate hopes to gather more lessons learnt from experiences in implementing School-Based Management throughout the country. These lessons learnt will serve as models of good practices from the field. Dr. Juandanilsyah also highlighted Indonesia’s strengths in improving implementation of School-Based Management practices. He reminded  that all areas are united through the national language, and that Indonesia has diverse rich local widom.

Through the workshop, representatives of the five challenging and remote areas of the country enhanced their knowledge on the good practices of School-Based Management through deeper explanations on School-Based Management, sharing of experiences, and dissemination of a Video on School-Based Management developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and UNESCO in 2015.

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