03.06.2020 - National Commission of Azerbaijan

Response of the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO has been closely exercising a coordination work with relevant national bodies and the Organization. This has included timely informing national bodies about UNESCO’s key initiatives and facilitating the access to them. 

Furthermore, the National Commission has cooperated with UNESCO in order to ensure the participation of Azerbaijan in the various virtual events of the Organization, as well as share information on implemented national measures and presenting ideas and initiatives to UNESCO. 


• TV lessons - Beginning from 11.03.2020, the <a name="_Hlk38367203">Ministry of Education has started broadcasting TV lessons on state television.</a> TV lessons consist of videos (8-10 minutes per subject) covering 10 subjects for all classes. The Ministry of Education delivers the lessons for all students in the country via State television. Widespread coverage was the main reason for the preference for TV lessons on state television. All recorded TV lessons are also available online on the Ministry of Education's video.edu.az platform and Facebook page. 

Sample videos:



https://video.edu.az/video/2435 (in Russian)

 Live assignments - In addition to TV lessons, the Ministry of Education prepares 2 hours of homework assignments each week. The live broadcast programs provide an opportunity for students to ask questions.

• From 02.04.2020, the Ministry of Education launched a national platform for assignments for students in grades 1-9. The Ministry of Education is cooperating with Microsoft to effectively use the TEAMS platform to monitor, provide feedback and evaluation of student participation, as well as to create e-mails for students from different regions of the country.

• Online Classrooms - Based on Microsoft's TEAMS platform, the Ministry of Education supports "champion teachers" as well as local education authorities in providing more learning opportunities for students. "Champion Teachers" are local teachers who demonstrate leadership in teaching online lessons to different student groups, providing training and mentorship to other teachers, and improving teacher capacity building initiatives. In addition, the Ministry of Education provides technical support and recommendations to all local education authorities in terms of teacher training, content adaptation, and student motivation. More than 1,000 teachers will be covered by online distance learning trainings. The Ministry of Education aims to involve more than 20% of students in distance education programs.

• STEAM classes - The Ministry of Education has launched a campaign “Stay at home, create at home”, a virtual competition among the students of educational institutions. The goal is to motivate students by encouraging creativity. As an example, you can watch the video at the following link:


• Preschool classes - In order to meet the needs of children admitted to various preschools, the Ministry of Education prepares two-hour TV classes on state television (starting from 06.04.2020), as well as continuously supports various educators through social media.

The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan will pay tuition fees for approximately 22.000 students from socially vulnerable families at the expense of the state budget due to COVID-19 pandemic.


“Stay at home, create at home”

The campaign, implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Azerbaijan portal, aims to support the population to spend their time effectively and encourage their creativity during the quarantine and social isolation. The terms are very simple. One needs to follow Creative Azerbaijan Facebook page, share creative work on his/her page with the hashtag #evdəqalevdəyarat, and tag Creative Azerbaijan Facebook page. The authors of the most liked works (recipients of “likes”) will receive various gifts from the Creative Azerbaijan portal and the Ministry of Culture in May.

“Support the Arts”

Creative Azerbaijan portal launches a charity event "Support the Arts" in partnership with the company “Azeri Express”. The spread of COVID-19 around the world has a major impact on all areas. A number of business representatives, individual entrepreneurs suffer a loss of income. These losses have also affected artists, artisans, and writers working in the creative industries, and created a difficult financial situation for many of them. The campaign provides information about such people and their works are sold through social networks. The purchased works are delivered with the support of “Azeri Express”. Purchasers of the works will also receive a special diploma of appreciation from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan once the virus restrictions are lifted.

Online Video Trainings

Creative Azerbaijan portal announces the launch of an online video training program on important topics to enhance the knowledge and skills of the cultural professionals, as well as private sector representatives and individuals. Video lectures on the topics will be posted in a special section on creative.az website, as well as on the Facebook page of Creative Azerbaijan portal. The participants will be able to ask questions on topics and get responses in the section of lecture notes. Trainings in graphic design, project management, marketing, PR, and other topics will range in duration depending on the module. 

“Creative Azerbaijan” Virtual Platform

The main purpose of the platform is to conduct an online discussion about the current situation during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges and realities we will face in the post-pandemic with talented and highly skilled people working in the public and private sectors. On April 14, 2020, a virtual panel on “Virtual reality created by the COVID-19 virus pandemic and future predictions” was organized. 

Startup competition "Digital solutions in the field of culture and creativity"

In order to support new ideas and approaches in the field of culture and creativity in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the "Creative Azerbaijan" portal have developed a startup competition "Digital solutions in the field of culture and creativity”. 

Creative Azerbaijan Forum online social network platform

Special group will be created on Facebook for regular discussions and exchange of views in the field of culture and creative industries.

“Learn creativity at home”

The project allows people to discover new skills and develop self-confidence. Currently, the project is being implemented with maximum use of YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages of the Ministry. A number of creative people have already joined the project. Thus, 30-45-seconds challenge videos inviting to join #yaradıcılığıevdəöyrən (learn creativity at home) project, as well as videos on Ashiq music and educational, training videos by different creative individuals on their related areas can already be seen on the social networks of the Ministry of Culture. The project also envisages the launch of a daily training program "Learn creativity at home" on one of the TV channels. In order to reach a wider audience, the program will be broadcast live at the same time on all social networks. The program is organized in a simple format - 30-45 minutes per day consists of one speaker and one guest and is dedicated to the education process in various areas. Experts invited to the program will conduct basic knowledge and skills training in the first days and in the subsequent days, the next phases of training, master classes will be demonstrated. The program also includes a small segment that presents interesting facts about outstanding cultural figures of Azerbaijan. Organizational issues are settled by using technological means (telephone, internet, etc.).

“Stay at home, watch a performance

As part of the campaign, various theaters broadcast virtual performances on social networks.


By the relevant decision of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, and other museums have proceeded to online mode beginning March 14 in accordance with the measures of social isolation in the country. The campaign includes virtual tours to the museums, virtual expositions and the organization of informative and useful segments, quizzes, etc.

Contest "The best description of a museum exhibit"

The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan announces a competition for the best description of the exhibits of Azerbaijani culture; carpets and carpet weaving, fine and decorative art. The main purpose of the competition is to organize effective and useful leisure time at home in the light of the special quarantine regime applied in the country due to COVID-19 outbreak, to develop the creative activity of youth in the field of museums, to reveal young and talented authors, as well as to foster interest in the culture of Azerbaijan and to bring new ideas. 

“Stay at home, learn at home. A trip to museums”

The Ministry of Culture and the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan have launched another interesting project to better organize the leisure time of the citizens at home due to the special quarantine regime. This project with the call "Stay at home, learn at home" consists of the virtual tour to museums and exhibition complexes in Baku to spend interesting and productive time at home and to get acquainted with the history, culture, and art of the country. In the framework of this initiative, the first virtual tour was organized to the museum located in the Heydar Aliyev Center. During the virtual tour, exhibits, video materials, photos and documents reflecting the life and activity of the National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, as well as the history of our statehood were demonstrated to the viewers. The project that will cover several museums of Azerbaijan intends to enrich the spirituality, personal development, and knowledge of the citizens, particularly the youth.

Story Competition

Ministry of Culture, together with the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan announced Story Competition on the theme of the fight against Coronavirus pandemic. The main purpose of the competition is to explain the global problems caused by COVID-19 pandemic and the fight against this epidemic in our country to the future generations in a literary form, and to educate the population by creating works that contain the information about social responsibility, the threat of the epidemics and the protection against the infection, also to stimulate the writing of stories on new topics by attracting everyone with the creative potential to this competition.

“Stay at home, defeat it”

In compliance with the challenge “Stay at home, create at home!” Azerbaijan State Art Gallery invites artists to join the new virtual project and unite under the motto “Stay at Home, defeat it!”. The project offers various campaigns, master classes by artists, as well as lectures on the history and theory of art. You can follow the project through social networks of the gallery and on the official website azgallery.az

“Support with your art”

Various creative people joined the challenge #senetinledestekle (support with your art) started by Baku City Main Department of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and relevant online meetings are organized.

“Virtual trip to our homeland”

The Central Library named after Mirza Shafi Vazeh of the Centralized Library System (CLS) of Yasamal district of Baku City Main Department of Culture is implementing the project "Virtual trip to our homeland" in support of the project "Let’s explore our country". Within the project, it is possible to make virtual acquaintance with different regions. 

“Stay at home, learn”

The Binagadi District Centralized Library System (CLS) of Baku City Main Department of Culture has joined the social projects implemented as part of protective measures against the global coronavirus pandemic and presented the #evdəqalöyrən (stay at home, learn) project on its Instagram and Facebook pages. 


On May 12, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) made a statement about the measures to be taken by ANAS vis-a-vis the tasks that Azerbaijani science foresees in the post-pandemic period. In this regard, the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences has been instructed to create additional possibilities for scientists and specialists to research coronavirus, in particular, on the enhancement of the human immune system. Also, the Institutes of Philosophy and Economics have been directed to analyze the socio-psychological and economic problems that arose in the course of the pandemic and to prepare and submit scientific proposals related to the post-pandemic period to the ANAS Presidium. It should be noted that the Action Plan related to the objectives of Azerbaijani science in the post-pandemic period will be presented and discussed at the next meeting of the Presidium of ANAS.

Irada Huseynova, Vice-President of National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Director of the ANAS Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, published an extensive article in the newspaper "Azerbaijan" entitled "Coronaviruses, evolution, sustainability mechanisms and ways to combat them: past, present and future risks" and another article entitled "SARS-CoV-2 can be called champion among the coronaviruses" on Azertag information agency’s website. Moreover, the representatives of this Institute regularly give interviews to local TV channels and other media outlets and websites in order to provide accurate information about the COVID-19 virus, its risks, means of its prevention, measures to fight it, preparation of vaccines, and updated news on the subject in world-renowned publications.

Various events related to COVID-19 were organized at ANAS. The Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of ANAS organized online seminar on "COVID-19: myths and facts, scientific approach to the problem". Along with the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS, leading scientists and specialists from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Medical University, Veterinary Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant agencies took part in this seminar.

An online conference titled "Coronavirus pandemic: from scientific research to a healthy future" will be held by the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of ANAS.

A scientific workshop named "Philosophy in the period of a pandemic” will be held by the departments of the Humanities and Social Sciences of ANAS.

During the quarantine regime, the Central Scientific Library of ANAS has made available the books in the “Electronic Books” database for all readers. 


The website www.evdeqal.az was jointly created by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and UNDP in order to raise the awareness of the population about the importance of staying at home, to protect their own health and the well-being of others, as well as to provide easy access to digital services to meet their daily needs. The site provides users with online services under the categories of "education", "delivery", "medicine", "food" and "entertainment", as well as the comprehensive information on online learning opportunities for personal development, such as the challenges and opportunities available in the coronavirus environment, ways to build a digital business at home, online management of such business. It is also planned that the population will benefit from the technical support of volunteers through the "Digital Assistant" of this website, which provides chat and call center services.

The competition entitled "Global Virtual Hackathon" was held on April 10-12, 2020, jointly organized by the Ministry, UNDP, and the “SUP.VC Acceleration Center” to bring together technological solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The main purpose of the competition was to create an environment for people to organize their work in the virtual world, to learn, to network, to close the gap in trade relations, to reveal the existing potential and to achieve real results. More than 600 applications from 45 countries of 5 continents have been registered on www.hackcov19.com to participate in the Global Virtual Hackathon.


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