03.04.2016 - UNESCO Office in Doha

Scaling Up Sustainability and Green Schools in Oman

©Oman National Commission

In close cooperation with UNESCO, Oman National Commission for UNESCO conducted a national workshop on sustainability and the green school initiative to highlight the Omani Experience in the adoption of the Green School Initiative for Sustainability and discuss opportunities, challenges and future Initiatives from the 28 to 30 March 2016 in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

During the workshop, three schools which piloted the green schools initiative during 2015 into 2016 shared information, experiences, implementation modalities and lessons learned with teachers and school principals from 10 schools as well as with other national stakeholders in Oman. 

UNESCO Resource Persons from UNESCO Jakarta and Doha Offices and a National Resource Person provided in-depth sustainability related literature and highlights.  The covered wide range of thematic areas on sustainability and the green school approach as a way forward towards green values and green behaviour and characteristics of the green citizen.   

The workshop aimed at enriching dialogue on Sustainability and the Green Schools Initiative within the spirit and guidelines of the GAP, the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.

The speakers and the Participants have explored the role of education in sustainability and climate change, they discussed modules, curriculum, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction through sustainability life skills and sustainability enriching learning materials, teachers’ training and empowerment, the role of the local community in school programmes related to sustainability as well as private sector partnerships with schools in sustainability programmes. 

The workshop included a field visit to the three schools which have piloted the Green School Initiative where the participants have had the opportunity to see on the ground the different activities implemented by these three schools as well as to ask questions and to exchange info with teachers and students. The Workshop Programmed is attached.

In this context, the Green School Initiative is regarded as a key element in implementing a number of activities and programs aimed at both students and teachers and administrators in the school and parents to make them aware of the concept of sustainability and education for sustainable development as well as a way for inculcating new behaviour patterns and values based on the three Rs of sustainability: Reduce; Reuse and Recycle. Once such values are practiced naturally, sustainability balance is achieved and citizens would become effective elements in sustainability.    

The outcome of the meeting witnessed strong commitment by 10 schools throughout Oman to implement the Green School Initiative, a strong commitment as well from the Ministry of Education to provide necessary support to enable these schools carry out relevant activities. 

Other stakeholders such as ministry of environment, ministry of agriculture and irrigation and the municipality have provided inputs on ways to support the green school initiative. UNESCO will as well continue to provide expertise and a platform on sustainability and the green school initiative. A preliminary Draft workplan was discussed among the participating schools. 

For further information, please contact Dr Anwar Alsaid at UNESCO Doha Office a.alsaid(at)unesco.org

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