01.03.2005 -

Se Buscan! Searching for Local Content Best Practices in Latin America: 20 proposals selected

UNESCO received 115 proposals from Latin American institutions and initiatives as a response to its call for "good ideas and best practices in local content production and distribution in Latin America", launched in November 2004.

The call was initiated in order to identify good examples of Latin American communication channels and spaces that are succeeding in proposing an alternative to the commercially-driven media landscape, providing innovative and public-service oriented content to their audiences at the local, national and sub-regional levels. The call was in line with UNESCO's continued efforts to diversify partners, projects and modalities of action in its Member States.


The proposals received covered many different types of communication channels and initiatives and had in common an important use of ICT: community radio, multimedia spaces, audio-visual production, television, itinerant movie theatres, cultural events and associations, media in the schools, young news agencies, etc.


After an evaluation of all files, a selection of "good ideas and best practices", that seemed particularly in line with UNESCO's current priorities and action lines, has been made (please see below). Other criteria used for the selection were: proven success of the initiative, innovative aspect, quality of content produced, capacity to reach marginalized sectors of society, and geographical balance. Given the overwhelming number of radio proposals, the selection under this category will be announced by mid-March.


Selected initiatives and institutions will be invited to a brainstorming workshop organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) in June this year. The objective of the workshop will be to set up an informal, ICT-enhanced network of professionals and institutions working in the area of local content production and dissemination. The group will also assess the feasibility of on-line content and on-demand concepts and models in the region.


The workshop will be followed by the development of concrete project proposals to be implemented in 2006-2007.


Educational, participatory, cultural and community television and multimedia projects


1. Itan Cultural, Brasil

2. Iguales pero diferentes, Argentina

3. Universidad Nacional and Unimedios Televisión, Colombia (for two projects: Divulgación científica para jóvenes and Banderas en Marte, Edu-entretenimiento)

4. Hablaeducación, Peru

5. Equidad y Educación, Cide, Chile

6. Arbol -Tévé participative, Uruguay

7. Rede Joven de ciudadanía, Brazil

8. Fundación Arcandina, Ecuador

9. Educación en la interculturalidad, Bolivia


News agencies


1. Agencia de noticias de AIDS, Brazil

2. Adital, Brazil

3. Autogestión vecinal (Proyecto Vecinet), Uruguay


Alternative distribution mechanisms/spaces: fora, festivals, events


1. Centro Audiovisual Rosario (Videoteca Ambulante "Bongo Rock"; Divercine; Festival Latinoamericano de Video Rosario), Argentina

2. Docbsas, Argentina

3. Grupo Chaski, Peru


Audiovisual training


1. Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba

2. La Ruta, Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia


Audiovisual media/multimedia in schools


1. Fundación Kine, Argentina

2. Multirio, Brazil


Community and public service radio


Selection to be announced by mid-March.

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