14.10.2013 - UNESCO La Habana

Opening Ceremony of Symposium on Public Policies and Legislation in Communication is held in Havana

The opening ceremony of the Symposium “Public Policies and Legislation in Communication. Latin-American Experiences” was celebrated this Monday October 14th in Havana, Cuba, with the participation of prestigious communication scholars and professionals from Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Dominican Republic. The event is organized by the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism and is sponsored by the Union of Cuban Journalists and the UNESCO Office in Havana

The meeting, the first in its kind to take place in the country, aims to reflect on different perspectives towards the existence of appropriate policies and regulatory frameworks for the proper development and performance of the mass media in Latin-America and the Caribbean, as well as to learn and exchange about the current state of the issue in the region.

In welcoming the participants, Herminia Rodriguez, director of the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism, referred to the importance of the event for encouraging the debate on topics related to the democratization of communication in a broad sense, including updating processes of relevant national policies and legal norms that regulate the exercise of the right to information in the region.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference, Herman van Hooff, director of the UNESCO Office in Havana, highlighted that the Organization has developed in recent years various resources and tools that contribute to the establishment of legislative frameworks in Member States, such as the Media Development Indicators: A framework for assessing media development, and has led the implementation of strategies and initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the safety of journalists, such as the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity.

In his words Van Hooff also stressed the importance of conducting this activity as part of the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism, a prestigious academic center that since its foundation has had a positive impact on the professional development of thousands of communicators of Cuba and other nations of Latin-America and the Caribbean, and has been an important partner of the Office in strengthening the technical capacities of media professionals in the region.

In this regard, the official recalled that with the organization of at least one training activity per year since 2008, the collaboration between the two entities has facilitated the direct training of more than 300 professionals in several areas that include, among others, hurricane coverage, scientific journalism, coverage of gender issues in media, environmental protection, local communication and the promotion of cultural heritage.

The Symposium Public Policies and Legislation in Communication. Latin-American Experiences” will be held until Wednesday October 16, and includes the participation of Olivo de Leon, president of the Dominican College of Journalists, and the Uruguayan recognized scholar Gabriel Kaplun, among other invited guests.


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