11.03.2016 - UNESCO Office in Hanoi

Second consultation workshop of the Education Sector Analysis: reviewing the Education Development Strategic Plan with a participatory approach


Ha Noi, 11 March 2016 – Education managers and policy-makers participated in a consultation workshop to provide recommendations for the Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) mid-term review.

As part of the Education Sector Analysis (ESA), the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), with the support of UNESCO, organized a half-day consultation workshop to collect comments and inputs on the first draft of the ESA report and update EDSP mid-term review progress.

Following a participatory approach, the technical team shared the main findings of the draft of the ESA and opened the floor for discussions and to receive inputs from participants. Some of the issues discussed during this consultation were qualification standards for teachers and the need to address the decentralization and implementation of education policies in place. They also highlighted the need for more in-depth analysis regarding the barriers children with disabilities face in accessing quality education.

Mr. Nguyen Vinh Hien, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training, reiterated the importance of the participatory approach and encouraged the representatives of the different departments to participate in providing inputs and formulating recommendations that will enhance the EDSP mid-term review and allow for the adjustment of objectives for its future implementation.

Ms. Sun Lei, Education Programme Coordinator of UNESCO, emphasized that this is a dynamic analysis, open to consultation and change according to changes in the country and the international development context. Ms. Sun Lei’s remarks also linked the analysis process to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, by 2030, which Viet Nam has committed to achieve.

Based on the comments and inputs from the participants, the technical team will revise and prepare the final draft of the report and formulate recommendations to establish strategic priorities for the Education Sector in 2016-2020. This consultation process will also enhance the planning and evaluation capacities of the participants.

The sixty participants attending the consultation workshop included policy makers, planners and managers from MOET and relevant line ministries; DOETs from Long An and Gia Lai; the Viet Nam Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES); the Viet Nam National Institute of Educational Management (NIEM); the Secretary General of the Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO; and representatives from Education Sector Group partners, such as UNICEF, the Belgian Development Agency (BTC) and the Viet Nam Association for EFA.

The ESA aims to support the mid-term review of the implementation of the Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP), contributing to the education reform and the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and strengthening the education system to provide equitable quality education for all in Viet Nam.


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