08.04.2016 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Senegal Moves Towards Open Access

Open access is the online availability of scholarly information to everyone, free of most licensing and copyright barriers to promote access to scientific knowledge. Open access helps to promote global knowledge exchange to contribute to scientific discoveries, innovation and socio-economic development.

In the framework of open access, a conference on the open access movement and the future of Africa’s knowledge economy took place in Dakar at the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) from 30 March to April 1, 2016. During this conference Senegal played a key role.

Aware of the lack of open access policies in African countries and the challenge of access to scientific and educational information on the Continent, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Senegal, in consultation with all national stakeholders concerned and with the technical support of UNESCO, has decided to begin the process to ensure the establishment of a national open access policy. The result of this policy will encourage the creation of open platforms free and accessible for all researchers, innovators, teachers, students, media professionals and the public and will encourage collaboration, production, dissemination, and knowledge economies.

Senegal will be the first African country to establish an open access policy, which represents an important lever for accelerated development in the country and positions Senegal as a leader in this domain.

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