10.08.2018 - UNESCO Office in Jakarta

Site Managers from Southeast Asia Gather in Borobudur to Discuss How to Improve Cultural Landscape Site Management

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Yogyakarta, 4 August 2018. From 30 July to 3 August 2018, UNESCO Office Jakarta and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia co-hosted the “Capacity Building Workshop for Enhancing the Management of Cultural Landscape” in Yogyakarta and Magelang, Indonesia, aimed to improve the know-how of site managers to protect a cultural landscape.

The Indonesian “Borobudur Temple Compound” played host for this  first  workshop. The purpose was to provide an opportunity for site managers  to apply theory of cultural landscape management into a real case scenario. While inscribed as a ‘’monument’’ in 1991,  Borobudur temple complexes are said represent the universe of mandala on earth.  Thus mountains, rivers and paddy fields should be considered as integral part of its values.   During the workshop, the participants were asked to visit three different villages around the monuments to identify physical attributes contributing to the Outstanding Universal Values of the site, as well as threats to these attributes and possible measures to mitigate them.  

By the end of 5-day workshop, the participants assessed the physical landscape, community livelihood and tourism activities in each visited site. Participants further reflected on the challenges in each area and proposed possible solutions.  

The workshop also provided opportunity for the participants from in the region to share  their practices and challenges in managing their own site including  Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (India), Bhutan Cultural Landscape (Bhutan), Ifugao Rice Terraces (the Philippines), Sangiran Early Man Site (Indonesia), Sri Satchanalai (Thailand) and Subak Bali Cultural Landscape (Indonesia) to enrich the learning experience

The participants welcomed the workshop for its rich learning experience, allowing them to think holistically beyond a mere material conservation of the monument.

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