26.09.2003 -

Slave Trade or "The Great Deportation Towards America" in the review L'Histoire, "The Truth on Slavery",n° 280, October 2003, (pp.56-63.)

The last special issue of the journal L'Histoire published on 24 September 2003, is devoted to slavery, from ancient Egypt to new forms of servitude, including slavery in Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and the slave trades.

The objective laid down in this special issue consists in explaining what remains as one of the greatest tragedies of humanity. This issue hinges on four principal topics which are the enslavement of millions of men from Antiquity to the deportation of 28 million Africans, the removal of the taboo of the Arab trade, the evocation of the new forms of servitude or "the struggle for an unfinished abolition!" This issue is composed of several articles of contemporary academics reviewing the most current state of research on slavery.


Our attention was drawn by an article by Philippe Haudrière, professor at the University of Angers and member of the Académie de la marine, who speaks boldly about the "great deportation towards America" to evoke the infamous triangular trade. Born from a shortage of workforce, this trade contributed in the transfer of eleven million Africans between the beginning of 16th and the middle of the 19th century. The slaves, captured inside the African continent, were sold to Europeans by the African slave traders in exchange of cotton fabrics, wine and weapons. From this huge and painful transfer of population was going to be born a new, original society: neither African, nor European. From its origins to the Black Code, this trade which particularly made the fortune of the ship-owners from Nantes or Bordeaux, is the subject of a relevant article in this special issue of L'Histoire devoted to the question of slavery.


The publication of this issue attests the topicality of the question of human enslavement on the eve of the commemoration of the revolution of "Toussaint l'Ouverture in Haiti" (1804).


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