29.04.2010 -

Spring talks on Quantum Field Theory and Hamiltonian Systems

The 7th edition of the “Spring School and Workshop in Quantum Field Theory and Hamiltonian Systems”, organized every two years, will take place from 10-15 May 2010 in Calimanesti, Romania.

The event is jointly organized by the University of Craiova Department of Physics (Romania) and the SEE-MTP Network (Serbia) with the support of UNESCO. The school is intended to provide the audience with some basic knowledge in various aspects of quantum field theory and Halmitonian systems. The lectures will be held in English. More information on the programme of the school and on the conditions for participation can be found here

Davide Poletto Assistant Programme Specialist in Basic & Engineering Sciences of the UNESCO Venice Office Natural Sciences unit will participate in this event.

Photo credit : Thermally Agitated Molecule/Wiki commons Greg L; Poster Event SEE-MTP Network 
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Cristina Faccia at c.faccia(at)unesco.org 
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- SEE-MTP Network (Serbia) http://www.seenet-mtp.info/ 

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