01.02.2020 - UNESCO

Submit most important events for the celebration of anniversaries 2020-2021

As stipulated by the revised procedure approved by the 206th session of the Executive Board (206EX/Dec.34), Member States should select the most important events prior to celebrating the anniversary and inform UNESCO Secretariat in a timely manner, to allow for their announcement on UNESCO's public website and social media, as well as on the calendar of events. Member States will report on these events, using the results-based format, which will be available online. The results of anniversary-celebration events, linked to UNESCO's objectives and priorities and to the Organization's flagship events, will be posted on the UNESCO website.

The online forms for the submission of information regarding the selected most important events is available under the link: https://teams.unesco.org/ORG/eri/anniversaries.

Should you have any questions related to the access, please read the related information available on the page How to use this website and/or contact the UNESCO's Support (HelpDesk) Services through telephone during standard working hours (Paris time) by dialing 11 or through e-mail: helpdesk(a)unesco.org.

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