20.09.2012 -

Summary of Senior Management Team meetings of 11 and 17 September 2012

The Senior Management meets to discuss the C/4 and to prepare for the Executive Board

The Director-General convened two meetings of the SMT ahead of the 190th session of the Executive Board.

The first of these meetings took place on 11 September and concerned the preparations for the Draft Medium-Term Strategy for 2014-2021 (37 C/4) and the Draft Programme and Budget for 2014-2017 (37 C/5).  The Director-General, in her opening remarks, stressed the importance of the next Medium-Term Strategy and the process for its formulation.  She reminded the SMT that the document encompassing her preliminary proposals concerning the 37 C/4 and the 37 C/5 was only a draft at this stage and was meant to give the main directions for how UNESCO would organize its work in the future.  It will now be discussed at the Ad Hoc Preparatory Group meeting to be followed by the Commissions and Plenary at the Executive Board.  The Secretariat will then prepare the draft C/4 and C/5 documents in line with the guidelines and orientations provided by the Board.  These documents will be presented to the spring session of the Executive Board, and subsequently to the 37th session of the General Conference in autumn 2013.

The Director-General informed the SMT that she had recently met for preliminary consultations on the C/4 with the Geneva Group, the G-77 Group, the Presidents of the regional groups, the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Executive Board.  She also briefed the SMT on her meetings with the two staff associations (ISAU and STU). 

The second meeting of the SMT took place on 17 September where the discussions concentrated on other items to be discussed at the Ad Hoc Preparatory Group meeting and the forthcoming session of the Executive Board: in particular the overall progress made with the reform and the Roadmap, the Emergency Fund and the Medical Benefits Fund.  As a further step in the reform process, the Director-General instructed the Deputy Director-General to follow up on some restructuring measures in some central and administrative services.  The Director-General also reminded the SMT of the meeting she will be having with all staff on 2 October, at which all SMT members should be present.

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