17.07.2014 - Education Sector

“Teaching Respect for All”– A new Implementation Guide to stop discrimination in and through education is now available

Our world remains divided by racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, gender discrimination, discrimination against people with disabilities, homophobia and other forms of discrimination, exclusion and violence.

Education plays a critical role in the transformation of societies to become more just and inclusive. It can equip learners with attitudes and skills to embrace diversity, increase empathy and sense of solidarity for others, and build multiple perspective problem-solving skills.

Teaching Respect for All is a UNESCO project, funded by the United States of America (USA) and jointly launched with USA and Brazil in January 2012, to counteract discrimination both in and through education. The project promotes the universal principles and values based on human rights. It calls for an educational response to counter discrimination and violence. Mutual tolerance and respect for all people, regardless of colour, gender, class, sexual orientation, national, ethnic, or religious orientation/identity, are the key concepts it promotes.

As a major output of the project, the  “Teaching Respect for All Implementation Guide has been prepared for policy-makers, headteachers, educators, school staff, students, parents, and communities. Through a set of specific questions and learning activities, users are invited to analyze and confront their own biases which permeate in their lives. They are encouraged to reflect upon possible actions to contribute to long term efforts towards the achievement of respect for all.

The Implementation Guide can be adapted to national or local contexts by respecting each country’s needs and priorities and its social and cultural background. The guide can be used to strengthen existing education mechanisms and initiatives of the country, addressing the issues related to non-discrimination. The guide has been piloted in Brazil; Côte d’Ivoire; Guatemala; Indonesia; Kenya and South AfricaA Teaching Respect of All video  is also now available. The policy makers, teachers and students of partner countries shared the testimonies and suggestions through interviews.

Teaching Respect for All – Implementation Guide is now available in English 

The French and Spanish versions will be ready in coming months.

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