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The Future Albanians Want

© United Nations Albania - Post 2015 National Consultation on Environment video

It is the title of the final report to be released on the Post-2015 consultations that took place in Albania during the period January-April 2013. The report has been prepared thanks to a great engagement and inputs provided by UNDP, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, and ILO, represents Albanians’ contribution to a global decision making process on the development of Post-MDGs agenda.

More than 2,000 people participated through face to face consultations with an outreach in 18 districts from the north to the south of the country. 300 people were consulted through university flash polls, 500 people voted their priorities in MyWorld survey.

Over 5,000 people in Albania followed the Post-2015 campaign through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. More than 60% were women, 62% were people from urban areas and 38% rural. Young people under 25 were proactive and represented 65% of the total. The consultation methodologies included face to face consultations which remained the “strength” of the campaign as we reached out to people, having a direct conversation without any prejudice or being biased on what they say and feel. 

The Post-2015 consultations in Albania were carried out at a time when the National Strategy for Development and Integration was being developed for the period 2013-2020. As such, the consultations represent an additional input to the formulation of the National Strategy for Development and Integration 2013-2020 including its sectorial and crosscutting strategies.



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