15.01.2010 -

The future development of the Information for All Programme on the Agenda of the IFAP Bureau this week at UNESCO

The sixteenth meeting of the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Programme (IFAP) ended today in Paris. The two-day event brought together representatives of the 8 Member States elected to the Bureau.

Under the Chairmanship of Karol Jakubowicz, from Poland, Bureau members addressed a wide range of issues covering the future modalities of operation of this Programme. After reviewing the activities implemented since the last meeting of the Bureau, the debates covered Agenda items dealing, among others, with the financial situation of IFAP, the Report by the Secretariat on the status of implementation of activities financed in the previous biennium with funds decentralized to UNESCO Field Offices, the new practical guidelines for the establishment and operation of a National IFAP Committee, the draft Council decision conferring on the Bureau the role of the executive body of the Council and defining its working methods, and the adoption of a procedure for the Bureau to give recognition to best accomplishments or projects of excellence which best reflect IFAP priorities and contribute to implementing IFAP objectives.


The Bureau also heard brief reports on the results achieved to date by the established 4 working groups: on information literacy, information ethics, information preservation and information for development. Finally, the Bureau also discussed the draft Agenda for the Sixth session of the Intergovernmental Council for the Information for All Programme.


The discussions ended with the adoption of several concrete decisions on the various issues addressed, which will be duly reflected in the final report of this Bureau meeting.


The Information for All Programme is an intergovernmental programme, created in 2000. Through IFAP, UNESCO's Member States pledged to harness the new opportunities of the information age to create equitable societies through better access to information and strengthened international cooperation in this field.


The Bureau presently includes Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Jamaica, Nigeria, Poland, and Thailand.

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