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The UNESCO 2003 Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage Capacity Workshop

Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop in Mombasa. Nov.2011

In order to strengthen capacity for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and enhance participation of East African countries in the mechanism for international cooperation for the 2003 Convention on intangible Cultural Heritage, a regional training workshop was organized in Mombasa, in Mombasa, from 7-11 November, 2011. The workshop was organized in partnership with Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA), who also facilitated in collaboration with the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda. It brought together 11 participants from Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia and Uganda and included government officials, representatives of heritage and research institutions, academia and civil society.

The main objective of the workshop was to provide participants with a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences on intangible cultural heritage and in particular the implementation of the 2003 Convention. Using the UNESCO training manuals, the following areas were covered:

  • overview of the 2003 Convention
  • country presentations on the status of intangible cultural heritage in respective countries;
  • ratification and national obligations
  • inventorying and community participation
  • safeguarding case studies (Bark Cloth Making in Uganda)

The most important outcome of the workshop was the development of action plans for implementation of the 2003 for each of the countries that were represented at the workshop. The Action Plans included status and policy context, ratification, awareness raising, domestication and policy reviews, inventorying, and nominations for listing. In addition, through this training workshop, the process of creating a pool of experts on ICH in the region has commenced.

Report of the workshop

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