02.06.2020 - UNESCO

#TheWorldin2030: Help UNESCO set the global agenda on the issues you care about!

To: National Commissions for UNESCO and Permanent Delegations to UNESCO

I am writing to you to kindly request your assistance in promoting UNESCO’s new global public survey, “The World in 2030.” The survey aims to gain insights into the major global challenges of today and the solutions needed to overcome them over the next ten years.  The results will help UNESCO set the global agenda on these issues, with a view to guiding the world peacefully into the next decade.   

The support of National Commissions in distributing the survey is critical to obtaining the largest possible number of responses from the widest possible range of people, with a particular focus on young people. Therefore, we kindly ask that you share the survey link with all of your partners and networks, as well as on your digital platforms, including social media and websites. Social media visuals are available at the following link, and more will be added over the coming weeks: https://unesco.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/STSupportTeam/EsxnR3Lyu7FOqQ-30k2o-q8BiRPugowupHpvBwvMFFf2sA?e=haVklY

The survey is available in the six official United Nations languages, and will be provided in a selection of additional languages, depending on available resources.  Should you wish to contribute to the translation of the survey, please contact Strategic-Transformation(at)UNESCO.org within the next two weeks. 

We count on your assistance in the distribution of the survey and thank you in advance for your cooperation. 



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