19.11.2012 -

Turkey: Consultative meeting of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO

16 - 17 November 2012, Antalya, Turkey

The Turkish National Commission for UNESCO held a meeting on 16 and 17 November 2012 in Antalya to examine its future work and actions in the light of the ongoing discussions on UNESCO Medium-term strategy for 2014-2021. Attended by more than 160 representatives of relevant ministries, academics, NGOs, associations and professional societies, it was the first time ever that the Turkish Natcom organized such a gathering of all its members of the General Assembly, Executive Board and National Committees.

In their opening speeches, Prof. Öcal OĞUZ, President of the Turkish National Commission, the Deputy Minister of Education and the Deputy Governor of Antalya expressed their strong support of the Director-General’s programme priorities and reform as well as their pleasure that this meeting was coinciding with the 67th anniversary of the creation of UNESCO. Mr Genc Seiti, Director of the Division for National Commissions and Civil Society, brought the warm greetings of the Director-General and her wishes for a successful meeting. He also made a presentation on UNESCO priorities, Director-General’s reform and our work with National Commissions and civil society.

The two-day meeting was followed by a number of very rich and high-level thematic presentations and debates in the fields of education, cultural heritage, human rights, gender issues, youth and sports, philosophy and bioethics communication. This event was also an opportunity for the Turkish National Commission, composed of 265 members, representing the most prestigious academic institutions of the country, to initiate its preparations for the next General Conference.

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