22.03.2018 - UNESCO Office in Doha

UNESCO attends the Global Education and Skills Forum 2018 in Dubai


UNESCO Office for the GCC and Yemen participated in the Global Education Skills Forum (GESF) 2018 on "How do we prepare Young people for the World of 2030 and beyond", held on 16-18 March 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

UNESCO participated in the Expert Task Force on Global Citizenship Education and Preventing Violent Extremism through education that aims at validating a cross-sectoral dialogue on the effective use of education as a tool for building more inclusive and peaceful societies and preventing violent extremism in a shared societies context. Additionally, UNESCO joined the deep-dive session on teachers focusing on concrete actions education experts think should be taken into account to solve issues of recruitment and retention.

Organized by World Leadership Alliance Club De Madrid, Faryal Khan, Programme Specialist For Education at UNESCO Office for the GCC and Yemen, participated in the Expert Task Force Meeting on Education for Shared Societies on 16 March 2018. She shared the UNESCO efforts in the session on Pillar 4. Global Citizenship to Bridge Divides and Highlighted the experience and findings of UNESCO in identifying the key elements of a Global Citizenship Education Response to 21st Century Challenges including issues on preventing violent extremism.

UNESCO likewise collaborated with the organizers of the GESF 2018 ie. Varkey Foundation for the Deep Dive session: <a name="_Hlk505173861">Teacher Recruitment and Retention</a>, at the Global Education and Skills Forum 2018. The purpose of this Deep Dive meeting was to bring together <a name="_Hlk505174328">expert participants to get beyond the standard talking points of complex or controversial issue and really seek to make progress on an issue – either to seek greater understanding of the other perspectives on an issue, or to move towards a discussion of how to solve an issue. In which case, the expert participants deep dived on </a>Teacher Recruitment and Retention to explore how governments can attract the brightest and best people into the teaching profession - and keep good teachers in the classroom.

The Summit brought together in two days over 2,000 delegates from 120 countries, from various sectors including education leaders like you from public, private and social sectors. The highlight of the GESF 2018 was the awarding of the Global Teacher prize to Andria Zafirakou from UK who overcame the challenges of poverty, gang violence and engaging young people from such a diverse range of backgrounds.

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