23.02.2015 - UNESCO Office in Doha

UNESCO collaborates with RCQE for education excellence in the GCC


UNESCO Doha collaborates with the newly established Category II Regional Center on Educational Quality and Excellence with the mandate of promoting and enhancing research and training in areas relating to quality and excellence in education.

The regional center was opened on 3 May 2015 and is currently working on developing a 5-year strategic plan, according to the post-2015 global education strategy with UNESCO as strategic partner. UNESCO Beirut Office and International Bureau of Education, Geneva are members of the Board of Directors.

In February 2015, UNESCO Doha provided technical advice in the preparation of the Vision and Mission Statement and operational plan and contributed to the discussions to align RCQE strategy with post-2015 education priorities.

At the opening of the workshop, the Director-General of the center, Dr. Husam Abdel Wahab Zaman, explained the brief history of founding the Center in Saudi Arabia and the tremendous reinforcement and support the center received from the government as an international initiative to refine and redefine the quality and excellence practices of educational organizations in Saudi Arabia and all countries in the Arab region.

Dr. Husam Zaman further explained the nature of the work at the UNESCO Regional Center and its role as the first center of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as being the first center in the world under the UNESCO specializing in quality and excellence in education.

Discussions at the workshop centered around RCQE’s nook and complementary role as a support center to all regional educational organizations, agencies, and national initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The workshop was organized in partnership between UNESCO RCQE and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and was attended by a group of experts in education and quality and excellence issues from a number of educational organizations like the Ministry of Education, Public Education Evaluation Commission, the Institute of Public Administration, a number of Saudi universities and from the private education sector.

The setting up of the center was enabled following the signing of an agreement between UNESCO and then Minister of Education Prince Khaled Al-Faisal in October 2014 and based on the Ministry’s commitment to supporting the development of the qualitative growth of education in the Arab world.

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