19.02.2014 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

UNESCO Dakar opens photo exhibition to value Senegal's cultural heritage


"Landscapes of Cultures" showcases ten beautiful photos from the Saloum Delta and Bassary Country in the façade of the UNESCO Dakar regional office at 12 Avenue Leopold Sedar Senghor. The photos are also available online for the general public

"We want to celebrate these two sites of outstanding universal value that were included in the World Heritage Site list in 2011 and 2012," says Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta, Director of the UNESCO Office of Dakar. “These sites show us the richness and diversity of the two regions of Senegal, which local communities have preserved for generations," she states.

The Saloum Delta and Bassari Country are two cultural landscapes where the people and their communities form a unique relationship with their living environment. This unique symbiosis is manifested for example in the agricultural practices in Bassari country and the fishing practices in the Saloum Delta. The synergy between the people and their environment yield not only positive economic outcomes but also spiritual and social ones.

The Saloum Delta, located in the Western part of Senegal, is known for its diverse landscapes and unique ecosystems, which include mudflats and resting areas for birds as well as strings of islands enabling their nesting. 

Bassari Country in the Southeastern Senegal hosts a variety of ethnic groups (Bassari, Bedik, Coniagui, Djalonke and Fulani people) that make this region an outstanding cultural landscape.

The Joint Program of the United Nations System in Senegal, implemented under the MDG-F thematic window "Culture and Development", established in 2006 with the generous financial contribution from the Spanish Government, provided for the preparation and submission of the Saloum Delta and Bassari Country applications for the World Heritage Site.

More information about the two World Heritage sites:

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