11.07.2011 - ODG

UNESCO Director-General opens Naadam Festival in Mongolia

© Government of Mongolia - UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova with Mr Sukhbaataryn Batbold, Prime Minister of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, during her first official visit to the country on 10 July 2011

On 10 July, in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova attended together with President Tsahiagiin Elbegdorj and Prime Minister Sukhbaataryn Batbold the opening of the National Naadam Festival celebrated every year from 11 to 13 July across Mongolia.

The previous day she presented to the Prime Minister a certificate acknowledging the inscription, in 2010, of the festival on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

“This year Naadam is unique”, said Irina Bokova. “The splendid anniversaries of the great history of Mongolia are quadrupled this year. The 2220th anniversary of Mongolian Statehood, the 805th Anniversary of the Great Mongolian State, the Centennial Anniversary of the National Freedom Revolution and the 90th Anniversary of the People's Revolution are all occurring at this moment. This has profound meaning.”

The Prime Minister has underlined that registering the Naadam festival on the Intangible Cultural List means recognition for the rites and traditions of the Three Manly Games (wrestling, archery and horse-race) and features of the nomadic civilization as important for world's cultural heritage and for the image of the Mongolian culture.

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