02.09.2012 - UNESCO Office in Ramallah

UNESCO furthers partnership with WATTAN TV

©Wattan TVWorkshop on News Room development

The UNESCO Office in Ramallah continues to support WATTAN TV through a project approved by the Bureau of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication at its 56th Meeting held in February 2012 at UNESCO Headquarters.

Building on past collaboration, which focused on strengthening journalists´ skills for the production of a multimedia magazine focused on environmental issues, the current IPDC-funded project is facilitating the training of journalists and technicians working for Wattan News Department, to enhance their capacity to use TV and electronic tools.

The project allowing WATTAN TV to purchase equipment that will facilitate the trainees´ use of newly acquired skills. As part of this initiative, a total of eight modules will be delivered by experienced media trainers, focused on writing news and articles, the development of editorial policies, gathering news (from Internet, radio, TV and print media), new media, photo-journalism, interviewing, investigative reporting and analytical news programs. In a context characterized by highly partisan news coverage, strengthening professional standards and promoting independent journalism is critical in Palestine.

Since its establishment in 1996, WATTAN TV has been producing high quality, interactive programs. These have contributed to raise awareness about political, social, economical, health, education and environmental issues; and are broadcasted both in the West Bank and Gaza.

UNESCO has accompanied this independent TV station in its mission to advocate for democracy, peace, justice, political pluralism and rule of law in the Palestinian society. This new instance of collaboration between UNESCO and WATTAN TV has been launched with the module conducted by Aref Hijjawi, consisting of three training sessions on writing news and article, Mr. Hijjawi’s session was pure practical exercises, which will be followed by other trainers, experts in Journalism, reporting and covering media.

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