10.11.2014 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

UNESCO recommends national mini consultations on Education for All in Africa

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UNESCO encourages all 47 sub-Saharan African countries to organize a national mini consultation in preparation of the sub-Saharan Africa Regional Conference (Kigali, Rwanda, 9-10 February 2015).

The purpose is to enable a wide array of national stakeholders to be fully briefed on and discuss the proposed post-2015 education agenda from their national perspective. See concept note for more details.

“National mini-consultations will showcase countries’ expectations and help create an African position ahead of the World Education Forum in May 2015,” says Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta, Director of UNESCO’s Regional Office in Dakar.

“The preparatory consultations would also allow national stakeholders, beyond the participants in the regional conference, to contribute to the reflections on the post-2015 education agenda from a national perspective,” she adds.

Building on global consultations

Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta underlines that the consultations will build on the results of the global consultations on the post-2015 education agenda, which have taken place over the past couple of years, namely:

Summary of nationals consultations

The outcomes of the national consultation should be summarized in a brief paper of 4-5 pages, which will serve as a basis for the discussions of the regional conference.

The summary should include:

  1. views and opinions of national stakeholders on the proposed targets of the post-2015 education agenda in the perspective of national challenges and priorities in education
  2. ideas on what could be aspirational – yet realistic – national benchmarks per target, which will also inform the global benchmarks that are yet to be set.
  3. views on implementation requirements for the future education agenda in terms of policy and planning, governance, coordination and partnerships, financing, and monitoring and accountability.

The deadline for submission is 5 December 2014.

UNESCO has also requested all Member States to prepare National EFA Reviews 2015 to assess their progress towards the six Education for All goals. So far only four sub-Saharan Africa countries have submitted reports.

Feed into World Education Forum 2015

The outcomes of the mini consultations and the sub-Saharan Regional Conference will feed into the World Education Forum to be organized in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from 19-22 May 2015. The Forum will adopt an agreed position on the post-2015 education agenda to be tabled at the high-level UN Summit in September 2015, which will adopt the global development agenda.

The first World Education Forum was organized in Dakar in the year 2000 and resulted in the formulation of the Dakar Framework for Action, which has guided progress since then.

UNESCO advocates for education to be a stand-alone goal in the broader post-2015 development agenda. It should be framed by a comprehensive overarching goal, with measurable targets and related indicators. In addition, education must also be integrated into other development goals in order to highlight their mutual interdependence.

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